Precision and speed are the two most important advantages and characteristics of a nail gun. Framing nailers are pretty much bigger in size and weight than conventional nailers and are used to join two pieces together.

In this article, we have specified the five best framing nailers out there to choose from, for beginners and experts to use with extreme ease.

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5. PORTER-CABLE FR350B 3-1/2-Inch Full Round/

Porter nail guns are one of the best, reliable toolsThe porter cable nailer is a pneumatic nailer which means one of the most interesting features is that it need not be charged as it works on air pressure and would require an air compressor. The porter cable nailer is suitable for small DIY work at your house, and even for contractors as it is very powerful. This nailer is also designed well, providing the user with a comfortable and controlled grip. The reversible rafter hook along with this nailer may be overlooked by many but it is one of the key features that this nailer provides. It uses 21-degree plastic collated nails. The tool-free adjustable depth of drive is also another handy feature.


· Powerful

· Ease of use Cons:

· Selectable trigger

· Toe nailing.

4. BOSTITCH F21PL Round Head 1-1/2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch/

The Bostitch brand itself speaks of quality and craftsmanship. Although it is a pretty light gun with several features, it is a complete professional’s gun. This nailer will not be suitable for small sized DIY projects at home. The push button depth of drive is also a very handy feature as it doesn’t require any other tools to adjust the depth. The most intriguing and most efficient feature that sets this nailer apart from the competitors is the replaceable nose piece. Although it requires some effort to switch the nose piece, it can be easily converted from a framing nailer into a metal nail connector within no time. It is specifically very pricey as it is made out of magnesium.


· Interchangeable nose pieces

· Weight

· Magazine


· Price

· Complicated to use

3. Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Full-Head/

The freeman PFR is a budget friendly pneumatic nailer which shoots at a pressure of 60-115PSI and weight at 8.5lbs. It is made up of magnesium body which makes it comparatively less heavy; its cylinder is made up of aluminum and has Teflon O-rings. The driver blade is made of heat treated steel and is incredibly sturdy. This budget nailer does not drop out many features pertaining to its price. In fact, the nailer comes along with a case and also has a seven-year warranty on it which proves the build quality. It is completely oil free, making it convenient to use. It has various firing options such as single and rapid allowing the user to choose.


· Kit

· Teflon O-rings


· Two triggers

· Maintenance

2. Paslode 902600 CF325Li Lithium Ion Cordless /

Considered one of the best framing nailers, this is a cordless nailer that is extremely powerful and is suitable for small works as well a heavy duty work. The Paslode 902600 CF325Li uses lithium ion batteries which are gas powered eliminating the need for an air compressor. It uses the lithium-ion battery and fuel cells to drive the nails. It has a battery life of 5 hours and can drive up to 6000 nails during that time. The nailer also comes with a quick charge feature where a two-minute charge will allow you to drive 200 nails. It is costly but comes with several extra amenities and add-ons such as a carrying case, battery, 5/32 inch hex wrench, safety glasses and a charger.


· Cordless

· Fast charge


· Battery life

1. Hitachi NR90AES1 2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Plastic Collated

The most revered brand in nail guns Hitachi has not only produced a highly efficient framing nailer but also a very easy to use one too. The Hitachi NR90AES1 is designed ergonomically with a no slip grip attached to it. The depth adjustment controls on the Hitachi do not require extra tools and can be done by hand. The magazine is manufacturers from anodized aluminum making it easily replaceable. It is light at 7.5lbs and is also extremely well balanced to provide easy maneuverability and use. Loading the gun is easy and requires minimum effort making it the perfect equipment for beginners. It can hold up to 70 nails at a single time. It is resistant towards wear and tear.


· Ergonomic design

· Weight Cons:

· Not oil-free

This weekend I threw a baby shower for a dear friend of mine who is expecting twin boys.  I wanted the theme to be something you don’t see every day-something country, but not overly so-and not super farmy.  So, I settled on a Wild Wild West themed shower.

I stuck with one vendor for this party, as it was super short notice (I literally threw this together in less than 2 weeks!).   I contacted Andrea from TheGreenGrassGrows on Etsy, and she was incredibly generous in providing me with all the paper decor items for the party, which included the banners, cupcake toppers, tent cards, and favor tags.  She created these AND shipped them to me within the two weeks.  What a trooper, am I right?
As the pictures show, her products are beautiful, and she’s been featured on every top party site: Amy Atlas, HWTM, and more.  She has a beautiful blog and a great Facebook page!
When I arrived at the shower location, I was really disappointed to discover that my non-damaging wall hooks wouldn’t work.  The walls were concrete.  It took a little creativity and to get it to work, but I finally got it the way I wanted it.
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I hung feathered garlands on one side of the table, along with teepee themed favors which included feather slap bracelets, peanuts, beef jerky, candy corn, moo tails, and these pens that I made into adorable arrows.

I’ve been battling the party itch for awhile now, but finally succumbed to the pressure.  A few of my friends and I LOVE Duck Dynasty, so I threw a fantastic Duck Dynasty themed get together.
I will say that this party took some work-but it was WAY worth it.  I teamed up with some awesome vendors to throw the ultimate duck loving, camo wearing shindig.  Check it out!
I used printables from BisonBleu on Etsy.  (Just so you know, she’s the ONLY one that offers printables for Duck Dynasty themed stuff-so if you’re in the market, she’s your one stop shop for printables!)   She’s amazing to work with, too.
Framing nailers are a great tool for everyone who is interested in home improvement. You don’t need to put lot of energy by trying to use hammer. Nail gun will do everything for you.

I threw Annabelle her third birthday party over the weekend, and it was perfect! Annabelle loves “Shaun the Sheep”, so I based my party theme around the show.  Honestly, I haven’t seen many good “Shaun the Sheep” parties online, so I contacted a bunch of awesome vendors to throw an awesome, one-of-a-kind “Shaun the Sheep” party!

Read my article about Framing nailers and learn more.

I started with these pom poms. I made them by hand, and they were surprisingly easy. If I can make them, you can make them. It’s a basic pom pom, but I didn’t fluff them into a full circle. Just a half circle.

I then just took black and white card stock, and made some general sheep head outlines from screenshots of the show.
The “Shaun the Sheep” website had some awesome templates and ideas, so I took white yarn, along with their printable heads and legs, and made some cute yarn pom-pom sheep!
As you can see, I used tissue paper grass on the table.  I searched EVERYWHERE for a good tissue paper grass, and I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I finally stumbled upon, who stocked the tissue paper grass, along with some of the goodies for the goody bags, including the animal finger puppets and the farm stickers.
I love making goodie bags.  And BisonBleu worked with me to create all the printables for this party.  The little boxes were perfect for my theme, and they were so easy to put together! She also created the banner, the water bottle wraps, candy bar wraps, thank you tags, invites, and cupcake toppers (Which I ended up putting on the serving utensils) BisonBleu is one of the best in the party planning biz. No joke. All her work is wonderfully detailed. There’s no end to her creativity, and I am so honored to work with her!
The “Sheep Poop” is Raisinets, and the fake grass in the mason jars is green Twizzlers pulled apart. They were a huge hit! (What three year old doesn’t think poop is funny?)
I also scored these milk bottles for sweet tea at 50% off at Hobby Lobby. They fit right in with the theme.
The cake and cupcakes came from Confused Confections in Lexington, Kentucky. They were a dream to work with, and gave me exactly what I was looking for!
And a pinata! I made this pinata from scratch, and I used 2 different layers of paper mache.  I purposefully did it light hoping it would break easily, but that sucker wouldn’t break for anything! We had to do it inside due to the weather, and thankfully nobody was hurt. LOL. I went a little overboard with the candy. That pinata weighed every bit of 40 lbs!
I also included these cute cookies in the goodie bags.  They’re from a new retailer on Etsy, TheSweetBCookies.  Not only are they cute, but they were soft and yummy as well! The kids loved them. She’s got incredible attention to detail when it comes to the cookies, and she has a huge number of designs available, along with custom cookies.
Annabelle loved her party, as you can see, and it was so much fun to throw! I want to give a huge thank you to each vendor that I worked with for this party.  Feel free to check them out below!

Late August I headed off to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. About 45 minutes away from Cancun, it’s a secluded place right on the coast.

While most tourists enjoy the all-inclusives, my friend and I stayed in a hotel and sampled local fare. We also visited some cool nearby places – one of which I will never forget. One very cool thing is that food in Playa is incredibly affordable, which makes things pretty easy on the budget when it comes to filling your belly. You just gotta know where to go, and know some basic Spanish.

I’m going to be dishing out details and pics on some of my favorite places I visited in Playa Del Carmen, along with an awesome giveaway, so stay tuned!

(And while I love touched-up shots, all of these are SOOC so you can see how incredibly blue and beautiful the beaches are!)

I know you’ve seen those adorable robes sweeping Pinterest boards. From girl’s spa days to bachelorette parties and birthday gifts, satin robes are IN. And for good reason. They’re not heavy to wear, and are perfect for lounging around.

When I decided to take my trip to Playa Del Carmen, I figured that having a light robe to wear would be nice, and AnyzA’s robes on etsy were a perfect fit.

I wore my robe almost every single day. Whether it was after a shower or as a swimsuit cover-up, the robe came in very handy. It was light enough to be comfortable, and short enough to be wearable and cute. I got one for the friend I traveled with, along with one for Annabelle.

Let me tell you – a kiddo in a robe is just about the most precious thing ever. It also doubles as a costume.

And of course, dressing up in matching robes is always fun. Even if it does involve a Steak N Shake hat and an Ale8One.

AnyzA has given me the opportunity to give away a beautiful hot pink adult robe that looks just like this one!

With the height of wedding booking season coming, along with Christmas, these would make great gifts – even for yourself! Enter below!

I have seen this pin all over Pinterest. It’s a beautiful, ethereal-looking candied apple called the “Galaxy Apple“.

When I saw it, I KNEW I just had to do it. I had no idea what it took to make it, I didn’t know if I would like it, it was just calling to me — and like a moth to the flame, I had to do it.

I watched a video in which a gentleman when through hoops to make his, and I read a blog post about another blogger making some, but I wanted to try it with what I had. I ended up doing it two ways. First, the way the pin suggests — with Jolly Ranchers, and the second way, with a candy coating made from scratch.

I didn’t even take a picture of the Jolly Rancher Galaxy Apple. It was just too bad. First and foremost, the pin suggests you bake the Jolly Ranchers for 5 minutes at 250 degrees.

That doesn’t work. It just leaves you with hot Jolly Ranchers.

I cranked my oven up to 350, and I had molten Jolly Ranchers. I dipped my apple, and it just didn’t give the apple much color. I brushed the glitter on anyway, and just wasn’t impressed. So, I decided to start the candy coated galaxy apples, and as you can see from the pictures, the apples turned a little bit more spooky than galaxy, but they are definitely amazing to look at.

 Galaxy Apple Recipe:

3 cups sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1 cup water
Food coloring (I used black…what I had on hand)
Pearl dust or other edible glitter

Prepare apples and workspace. Mix ingredients in a saucepan, and bring to a boil. Using a candy thermometer, get it up to 300 degrees (or a very thick boil). Mix in food coloring. Dip apples, and place on a non-stick surface. Using a paintbrush and water, paint on edible glitter.

Now, making these candy-coated apples is messy. I, at one point, was completely overwhelmed with the amount of concrete hard sugar coating I’d somehow gotten all over everything. Whatever you put your apples on, make sure it’s coated in non-stick spray, or be prepared for apples adhered to your surfaces. I actually broke a plate while doing this. So, concrete shards + molten hot sugar = not such a great situation.

I’ve never eaten a candy apple, so I’m not sure how they taste. They are really interesting visually, and would definitely make an awesome “poison” apple or Halloween/Harvest party food. You could definitely use other food colors, and other glitter colors to co-ordinate your Galaxy Apple with your event.

My daughter turned four years old last month (holy moly) and she’s been begging me for a princess party. I, personally, am not one for “princesses”, so I needed some help. #DisneySide sent me a bunch of awesome Disney Princess themed stuff, and Birthday in a Box also supplied some great decor, tableware, and favor items.

It was a pretty short-notice shindig, so I had less than a week or so to put it all together. I decided on a color scheme much like Sophia the First and Doc McStuffins, going along with the #DisneySide theme, and picked an overall “look”. From there, I used a ridiculous amount of tape, (which, this bugs me, because I bought a whole stack of sticky-tab command strip things, and I totally lost them) tissue paper, printables, and tablecloths to create this fun (but not overly sparkly) princess party. Take a look!

Princess Party

That crown sign I did completely freehand, and boy it was difficult for me. I used about 1 1/2 gold sharpies to make it, and, if given another chance to do a sign like this, I would definitely use paint. The tissue paper pom poms are always easy to make, and are also a “must” for all of my parties.

Sophia the First Birthday Party

The favor boxes were one of my favorite part of the party. I got most of the favor items from Birthday in a Box, along with the tablecloths that I used to create the curtains and backdrop. It was SO easy. I used the regular plastic tablecloths, and tied some extra fabric remnants I found at Michaels in the clearance section.

And, the curtains! These were something I’d totally do in the future. They frame the table so well, and look great without breaking the bank.

Plastic Tablecloth curtains for Princess party

Super easy. Tacked them up, and just tied gold trim on them to make curtains. So easy, cheap, and give you a great look for just $1.00 a piece! If I was really feeling it, I would’ve made a tablecloth valance, but alas, time got away from me.

Plastic tablecloth curtains for princess party

The food I had was pretty basic, but made a huge splash with the kids! I did candy melt-dipped marshmallows on lollipop sticks, in a mason jar embellished with adhesive trims.

Princess Party

The DisneySide kit came with table decor, but I hacked one up and just used the glitter fringe to put on my “Princess Punch” dispenser.

These rice krispie treat crowns were the worst part of the whole thing. It took so much force to cut these out – it was terrible. But the end result was way cute.

Princess Party Food

The biggest hit was the jello in champagne glasses. These were SO much fun! I ended up making about 6 trays of jello in different colors. I then took plastic champagne classes from Birthday in a Box and dipped the tops in corn syrup, and then rolled them in gold sprinkles. I then sliced up the jello and layered it in the champagne classes. Everyone loved these, and they were super simple.

Jello champagne glass

These were so cute. I will definitely do this again – super easy to modify with colors/fruit add-ins to customize for any party!

Jello champagne glass

Michaels is a great place for finding clearance little stuff. I look through those boxes CONSTANTLY. I found the trim for the mason jars, along with the trim for the curtains, and these crown letter holders which were perfect for securing my garland for the front of the table.

I’m still trying to find a source for cool plastic straws, or paper straws that don’t fall apart. These were another Michael’s find, and I just attached the printables (from homeketeers and I downloaded for the party onto them.

I was really happy with how this party turned out with such short planning time. 🙂

The princess and all her friends enjoyed it tremendously! If I can do this, YOU can do this. Promise.

If there’s one type of party that I really love…it’s a tea party. From the delicious food to the themed tables, tea parties are incredibly fun. I started throwing a tea party for my church, and we had our second one just last weekend. I chose a farmers market themed table, and along with Birthday in a Box, pulled it off quite well.
I started throwing a tea party for my church, and we had our second one just last weekend. I chose a farmers market themed table, and along with Birthday in a Box, pulled it off quite well.
I don’t own a full set of “real” china, so I used coffee cups, and then got plastic plates/saucers, and silverware. I wanted it super colorful to enhance the “summer” feel.
The dessert stand was purchased off, and I decorated it with burlap, tulle, fake sunflowers, and styrofoam strawberries. The decorative grass is one of the best amazon purchases I’ve ever made. I use it for parties all the time!
For the goodie bags for each person, I took mason jars, and cut burlap and glued it to the mason jar. I then took some burlap trimmings from Hobby Lobby and stuck them on the top of the burlap.
The handkerchiefs and rock candy were from Birthday in a Box, along with the silverware, napkins, and plates. The chalkboard clips were from Hobby Lobby, which I painted with a chalk marker.
I ended up candying some violets from my garden, and putting them on each saucer. The candying part was tedious, but really fun. My daughter  really enjoyed putting the superfine sugar on the flowers.
I found these really cute little bottles at Hobby Lobby, and decorated them with chalkboard stickers from Birthday in a Box.
I lined my ceramic berry boxes with foil to hold the jellies, and put them on top of a small wooden crate to further the “farmers market” feel.