Spring is Here, and I am Not Ready.

Monday, April 14, 2014

So, I'm really not known for being fit. I'm pretty normal.This is moi, at the Lexington Comic Con.

And I'm really out of shape. I may not be "Overweight", but I definitely am not where I should be fitness-wise. And after having my daughter, fat has ended up in weird places-places that fat shouldn't be.

So, I've bitten the bullet and I'm starting to work out.

I live almost 30 minutes from the nearest gym.

I am a stay at home mom.

I love peanut butter, chocolate chips, and potatoes. 

I could seriously eat mac n cheese every meal.

So, this is going to be rough.

I've decided to start out with "John Cena's 10 Week Body Change". I really didn't know who this guy was, but, I heard about the program, and was interested. When I was told that I don't need a gym/equipment to do it, I was sold. I mean, I realize exercise is important, but getting a program in place that you actually ENJOY and see results from is honestly like finding the holy grail.

I've tried other workouts in the past (Here's looking at you, P90X) and I enjoyed those workouts, except having to get all the equipment was a definite down-point for me.

So, if you want to join in on this with me, you're welcome to!  I hope to take some better "Before" pictures to reference in case you decide to follow along with me.

Organic progress...one step at a time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In my constant progress toward living an organic life, I've had to take a tally of what organic items are critical, what items are nice, and what items I'm okay with having non-organic. It's a give and take, and it's always a work in progress.

Mohawk Valley Trading Co. has a variety of really great organic products. Based in New York, they offer candles, honey, and maple syrup. I've been using their Tulip Poplar - Black Locust honey in my tea almost every day, and it's really been helping my morning sore throats.

I made some waffles last week, and their dark, robust maple syrup went perfectly on top. It was simply divine. I've never had pure REAL maple syrup, and the difference is just amazing. If you've never had the chance to try raw, organic maple syrup, you're missing out.

So the next time you're in need of some organic maple syrup or honey products, Mohawk Valley Trading Co. is happy to help! They've also agreed to host a giveaway with me for the products you see here, plus more! Enter below!

Shaun the Sheep Birthday Party!

Monday, February 10, 2014

I threw Annabelle her third birthday party over the weekend, and it was perfect! Annabelle loves "Shaun the Sheep", so I based my party theme around the show.  Honestly, I haven't seen many good "Shaun the Sheep" parties online, so I contacted a bunch of awesome vendors to throw an awesome, one-of-a-kind "Shaun the Sheep" party!

I started with these pom poms. I made them by hand, and they were surprisingly easy. If I can make them, you can make them. It's a basic pom pom, but I didn't fluff them into a full circle. Just a half circle.


I then just took black and white card stock, and made some general sheep head outlines from screenshots of the show.

The "Shaun the Sheep" website had some awesome templates and ideas, so I took white yarn, along with their printable heads and legs, and made some cute yarn pom-pom sheep!

They were cute, but they were pretty tedious to make.

As you can see, I used tissue paper grass on the table.  I searched EVERYWHERE for a good tissue paper grass, and I couldn't find it anywhere.  I finally stumbled upon www.shindigz.com, who stocked the tissue paper grass, along with some of the goodies for the goody bags, including the animal finger puppets and the farm stickers.

I love making goodie bags.  And BisonBleu worked with me to create all the printables for this party.  The little boxes were perfect for my theme, and they were so easy to put together! She also created the banner, the water bottle wraps, candy bar wraps, thank you tags, invites, and cupcake toppers (Which I ended up putting on the serving utensils) BisonBleu is one of the best in the party planning biz. No joke. All her work is wonderfully detailed. There's no end to her creativity, and I am so honored to work with her!

The "Sheep Poop" is Raisinets, and the fake grass in the mason jars is green Twizzlers pulled apart. They were a huge hit! (What three year old doesn't think poop is funny?)

I also scored these milk bottles for sweet tea at 50% off at Hobby Lobby. They fit right in with the theme.

The cake and cupcakes came from Confused Confections in Lexington, Kentucky. They were a dream to work with, and gave me exactly what I was looking for!

In addition to the great goodie bags, each kid got a party hat from PAPALOTES.  Honestly, these were some of my favorite things at the party!  Her work is incredible. She has a hat for any occasion/theme! She's simply wonderful.

I decided to do two games during the party.  Pin the tail on Shaun...

(Which was incredibly hard to draw free handed)

And a pinata! I made this pinata from scratch, and I used 2 different layers of paper mache.  I purposefully did it light hoping it would break easily, but that sucker wouldn't break for anything! We had to do it inside due to the weather, and thankfully nobody was hurt. LOL. I went a little overboard with the candy. That pinata weighed every bit of 40 lbs!

I also included these cute cookies in the goodie bags.  They're from a new retailer on Etsy, TheSweetBCookies.  Not only are they cute, but they were soft and yummy as well! The kids loved them. She's got incredible attention to detail when it comes to the cookies, and she has a huge number of designs available, along with custom cookies.

So cute, right?

Annabelle loved her party, as you can see, and it was so much fun to throw! I want to give a huge thank you to each vendor that I worked with for this party.  Feel free to check them out below!

Printables: BisonBleu
Party Supplies: Shindigz

Staying Organized in 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014

A farm is a hard thing to keep organized. From scheduling animal vaccinations to crop planting and even cutting firewood...it's a hard thing to keep on top of.

My husband utilizes many organizational tools and office supplies in order to keep everything under control. Two items that he always uses are a business planner and a calendar like this 2014 calendar.

We are able to keep track of everything this way, and there's lots of places for reminders, phone numbers, product serials, and maintenance notes.

Shoplet has everything that businesses need in order to stay on top of organization, including office stationary, promotional shirts, and promotional products. They typically have some of the best prices around, and offer some pretty good sales.

*I received these products to review from Shoplet. All opinions are my own.

Eating Batter and Fighting Cabin Fever

Sunday, January 19, 2014

So, I've been battling sickness after sickness here. In the past three months, I've had bronchitis twice, a sinus infection, ear infection, and now pneumonia.

So, I've been resting as much as I can, and coming up with ideas on how to keep my (Almost) 3 year old entertained. One very fun way we were able to waste an hour or so was eating batter.

*Important note: This batter contained NO raw eggs.

I made a basic eggless brownie batter. Yeah, the finished, baked product wasn't all that great (I actually ended up just throwing it out), but the raw batter was deemed "Delicious" by my experimental daughter, who thought stirring, mixing, and tasting was incredibly fun. I didn't even think about how perfect brownie batter was, as it's easy to stir for little arms.

There were scheming faces...

Experimental faces...

 And, of course, funny faces.

As of right now, she's sitting on the floor drawing faces in some homemade playdough.

What activities do you do when you're stuck inside?

List Giant: Get the Results Your Business Needs

Have you ever wondered how companies target certain demographics, such as ages, family size, or location? It's somewhat crazy, when you think about it, that details of everyone's lives are kept in multiple databases, so business can successfully contact individuals who may benefit from a service or product.

There are many companies that manage this information, but one of the largest is List Giant. They are the one of the fastest growing list companies, and were named on Inc 500's fastest growing company list. They can filter results down to specifics like diet/exercise, shoppers, age, and many more.

So, whether you are a small business trying to grow your clientele, or an experienced business looking to expand your list of potential clients, this could be a very valuable resource.

*This is a sponsored post brought to you by List Giant.

Holiday Treats I Love Part Deux

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I love holiday treats. Really. It's pretty ridiculous. My house is currently filled to the brim with cookies, candies, and sweets. It's really the only time of year that everyone starts stocking up on goodies to create and share with family and friends.

But one company really has the "Handle" on making creative, yummy products for you to put into your holiday treats...Hersheys.

Their holiday collection features some of the most popular treats for baking and giving!

Just slip some into holiday treats, or layer them in jars to give!

Those Twizzlers are little Christmas trees! 

These make great stocking stuffers, too!