Mama Runs with Scissors-but for awesome leggings!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I've found my newest favorite gift for expectant parents:


Leggings.  Namely, the ones from Mama Runs with Scissors.

As a new parent, I've found that those footed onesies are getting more and more difficult to put on my 7 month old.  With the kicking, flailing, twisting-it's almost like a mini wrestlemania in her pack n play getting those dumb footies over her feet.  Once her foot is in, she either pulls some crazy greco-roman move and gets her leg out, which leaves her entangled in the foot part, or somehow I do the snaps wrong and she looks all lop-sided.  I've seen leggings on babies before, but I didn't really understand WHY they were necessary, until about 4 months ago.

I've looked up DIY patterns for these, but I have such a lack of sewing talent, that it would be a complete waste of time, money, and cute fabric.  Enter Mama Runs with Scissors.  Her website is adorable, and her etsy, Mama Runs with Scissors, is full of everything I want.  A moustache shirt?  yes please!

These leggings make diaper changes SO easy.  And not just that, but they are SO cute-and super high quality.  I originally thought they were going to be like tights-nope.  They're like socks.  They're thick, warm, and wonderful.  I have gotten so many comments on these leggings while we're out and about I can't even COUNT.  Everyone wants them!

And guess what?  Right now, you can win a pair!  Enter below!


Kristin Stuppy said...

Fancy Peacock Leggings are to die for!!

Jennifer Speake said...

Very cute!!

Unknown said...

Pin-Stripey X-bones--2 piece!!

Kate said...

love those chubby legs in leggings :)

Lissa B. said...

Hi! First off, let me say that those are just ADORABLE! Second, I wanted to tell you that I just gave you an award! Go check out my blog at to see it and get an image to add to your page! Keep on posting, I love it!

Aprileast said...


Anonymous said...

I love these lil leggings. Please tell me they make them for boys also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cattle and Cupcakes said...

yes!!! Go to her etsy site!!! She's got girl and boy ones!

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