Shoplet-Avery Products Review

Monday, February 13, 2012

I really enjoy being a part of Shoplet’s review group!  I love office supplies.  Period.  But getting to review new products is really exciting!  Here's my latest package!

I recently got to review an AveryHeavy Duty Ring Reference Binder.  I LOVE Avery’s binders-they’re always my #1 choice in an office.  The rings always meet no matter how much paper you cram in them!  They're also thick and sturdy.  I love these binders!

I also received Avery Custom Binder Spine Inserts.  These are SO cool.  I didn’t even know these existed!  I always used 8.5 x 11 paper and just folded it up to make a spine insert.   These are really sturdy-they won’t crinkle up like notebook paper or other binder labels!

And to top it off I received Avery Note Tabs.  These things take the cake.  ESPECIALLY for reference material!  You can stick these on the side of the book OVER the text you want to reference and you can still see the text underneath, and on the part that sticks out you can put whatever you want!  These binder tabs are ingenious!  SO much better than regular post its!

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