Duck Dynasty Party!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I've been battling the party itch for awhile now, but finally succumbed to the pressure.  A few of my friends and I LOVE Duck Dynasty, so I threw a fantastic Duck Dynasty themed get together.

I will say that this party took some work-but it was WAY worth it.  I teamed up with some awesome vendors to throw the ultimate duck loving, camo wearing shindig.  Check it out!

I used printables from BisonBleu on Etsy.  (Just so you know, she's the ONLY one that offers printables for Duck Dynasty themed stuff-so if you're in the market, she's your one stop shop for printables!)   She's amazing to work with, too.


I re-named the food into Duck Dynasty type dishes.  Grilled chicken was grilled frog, BBQ chicken was BBQ Duck, etc.

And no Duck Dynasty party is complete without Mallow Dogs.  (Which were really yucky!)

I used burlap from the hardware store to create my favor bags.  I tied them closed with pom poms made from camo yarn.


The wreath was a last minute inspiration.  I'd borrowed a few duck decoys from a friend, and attached them to a burlap wreath-I created the orange bow just for the party.


The incredible pillow was made by IzzyJ on Etsy.  Her products are BEAUTIFUL.  She has a wonderful offering of sizes and themes for her pillows.


To keep the party alive, I did some Duck Dynasty trivia...I gave a few of the products away as prizes.

A few of the favorites from the party were the fun cups from LoveBug Gifts on Etsy.  Her vinyl products and decals are super high quality. (and did I mention FUN?)

I had the cutest embroidery sayings at the party-everyone thought they were hilarious.  AmandaKrueger on Etsy made these-and they're going to look so cute hung up on a wall for one of the Duck Dynasty fans!


Another favorite was this print of the original patent for the duck call that made Duck Dynasty what it is today.  This was an AMAZING addition to my party.  This was from PatentPrints on Etsy.  Everyone loved this.  They have a vast array of prints and patents available.  They are incredibly affordable and look incredible!

This was by far one of the best parties I've ever thrown.

I want to give all my party sponsors a HUGE thank you for making this event a smashing success!

Party Credits:

Printables: BisonBleu
Decor: IzzyJ, LoveBug Gifts, AmandaKrueger, PatentPrints

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Feather Snell said...

Love it!!! Thank you for sharing the photos and using printables designed by Printable Parties to Go by Bison Bleu!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have some great ideas for a duck dynasty party! - I totally love the idea of the trivia, could you please send me that trivia, or tell me where to get it @??

Megan said...

Absolutely! I can try to email it to you! Email me at :) It's on my old computer, so I'll have to dig it out. LOL!

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