About Megan

I was raised in California, and worked with horses, played piano, and was very involved with different organizations growing up.  I met my husband online, and packed up my 620 sq ft. Sacramento apartment and moved onto a 250 acre farm in Paint Lick, Kentucky.  My farmer husband and his family have lived on this farm for over 100 years.  In an effort to keep up with my family and friends, www.cattleandcupcakes.com was born.  I had my daughter in February 2011, and have been discovering a whole new aspect of myself:  Being a mom.

My typical day is feeding various farm animals, weeding my garden, feeding a woodstove in the winter, cooking, cleaning, blogging, cloth diaper and breastfeeding advocacy, and trying to keep up with my busybody husband and daughter.

My blog covers everything from baking, DIY tutorials, farm life, cloth diapering, parenting, and of course lots of product reviews and giveaways.  I LOVE sharing info about products I find and enjoy and helping everyday readers get those products!