My daughter turned four years old last month (holy moly) and she’s been begging me for a princess party. I, personally, am not one for “princesses”, so I needed some help. #DisneySide sent me a bunch of awesome Disney Princess themed stuff, and Birthday in a Box also supplied some great decor, tableware, and favor items.

It was a pretty short-notice shindig, so I had less than a week or so to put it all together. I decided on a color scheme much like Sophia the First and Doc McStuffins, going along with the #DisneySide theme, and picked an overall “look”. From there, I used a ridiculous amount of tape, (which, this bugs me, because I bought a whole stack of sticky-tab command strip things, and I totally lost them) tissue paper, printables, and tablecloths to create this fun (but not overly sparkly) princess party. Take a look!

Princess Party

That crown sign I did completely freehand, and boy it was difficult for me. I used about 1 1/2 gold sharpies to make it, and, if given another chance to do a sign like this, I would definitely use paint. The tissue paper pom poms are always easy to make, and are also a “must” for all of my parties.

Sophia the First Birthday Party

The favor boxes were one of my favorite part of the party. I got most of the favor items from Birthday in a Box, along with the tablecloths that I used to create the curtains and backdrop. It was SO easy. I used the regular plastic tablecloths, and tied some extra fabric remnants I found at Michaels in the clearance section.

And, the curtains! These were something I’d totally do in the future. They frame the table so well, and look great without breaking the bank.

Plastic Tablecloth curtains for Princess party

Super easy. Tacked them up, and just tied gold trim on them to make curtains. So easy, cheap, and give you a great look for just $1.00 a piece! If I was really feeling it, I would’ve made a tablecloth valance, but alas, time got away from me.

Plastic tablecloth curtains for princess party

The food I had was pretty basic, but made a huge splash with the kids! I did candy melt-dipped marshmallows on lollipop sticks, in a mason jar embellished with adhesive trims.

Princess Party

The DisneySide kit came with table decor, but I hacked one up and just used the glitter fringe to put on my “Princess Punch” dispenser.

These rice krispie treat crowns were the worst part of the whole thing. It took so much force to cut these out – it was terrible. But the end result was way cute.

Princess Party Food

The biggest hit was the jello in champagne glasses. These were SO much fun! I ended up making about 6 trays of jello in different colors. I then took plastic champagne classes from Birthday in a Box and dipped the tops in corn syrup, and then rolled them in gold sprinkles. I then sliced up the jello and layered it in the champagne classes. Everyone loved these, and they were super simple.

Jello champagne glass

These were so cute. I will definitely do this again – super easy to modify with colors/fruit add-ins to customize for any party!

Jello champagne glass

Michaels is a great place for finding clearance little stuff. I look through those boxes CONSTANTLY. I found the trim for the mason jars, along with the trim for the curtains, and these crown letter holders which were perfect for securing my garland for the front of the table.

I’m still trying to find a source for cool plastic straws, or paper straws that don’t fall apart. These were another Michael’s find, and I just attached the printables (from homeketeers and I downloaded for the party onto them.

I was really happy with how this party turned out with such short planning time. 🙂

The princess and all her friends enjoyed it tremendously! If I can do this, YOU can do this. Promise.

If there’s one type of party that I really love…it’s a tea party. From the delicious food to the themed tables, tea parties are incredibly fun. I started throwing a tea party for my church, and we had our second one just last weekend. I chose a farmers market themed table, and along with Birthday in a Box, pulled it off quite well.
I started throwing a tea party for my church, and we had our second one just last weekend. I chose a farmers market themed table, and along with Birthday in a Box, pulled it off quite well.
I don’t own a full set of “real” china, so I used coffee cups, and then got plastic plates/saucers, and silverware. I wanted it super colorful to enhance the “summer” feel.
The dessert stand was purchased off, and I decorated it with burlap, tulle, fake sunflowers, and styrofoam strawberries. The decorative grass is one of the best amazon purchases I’ve ever made. I use it for parties all the time!
For the goodie bags for each person, I took mason jars, and cut burlap and glued it to the mason jar. I then took some burlap trimmings from Hobby Lobby and stuck them on the top of the burlap.
The handkerchiefs and rock candy were from Birthday in a Box, along with the silverware, napkins, and plates. The chalkboard clips were from Hobby Lobby, which I painted with a chalk marker.
I ended up candying some violets from my garden, and putting them on each saucer. The candying part was tedious, but really fun. My daughter  really enjoyed putting the superfine sugar on the flowers.
I found these really cute little bottles at Hobby Lobby, and decorated them with chalkboard stickers from Birthday in a Box.
I lined my ceramic berry boxes with foil to hold the jellies, and put them on top of a small wooden crate to further the “farmers market” feel.