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CattleandCupcakes is my personal blog, where I share my personal views on just about everything.  Any recipes/photographs are all copyrighted.
Product Review Policies:
CattleandCupcakes is a PR friendly blog.  I will accept shipment of complimentary, DIY content relevant products for my honest evaluation and review, as well as monetary compensation.
If a product is shipped to me, there is no guarantee that a review will be written. That being said, if I choose to write a review, it will be honest but I will not write a negative review. If I don’t like a product, I just won’t write a review at all. If I like a product, you can be sure my readers are gonna hear about it! You will be given advance notice of your product’s review.  All product reviews will include a full disclosure that the item was complimentary.
If you would like me to send you more information about my blog and audience, please email me.
CattleandCupcakes is now accepting advertisers! With over 4,000 page views per month, over 800 unique visitors, and 1,000 regular followers. Your ads are sure to be seen here at CattleandCupcakesl. In addition I am very active on Facebook with over 4,500 fans and 1,400 twitter followers. If I have something to say about a product, my fans are gonna hear about it! Currently, CattleandCupcakes is offering 125 x 125 (or larger) ad space on the blog. Please email for more information and advertising prices.
From time-to-time CattleandCupcakes may offer giveaways to my readers.  If you wish to offer a giveaway, it must relate to my blog audience and be worthwhile to the readers.  Contact me for more info regarding giveaways.